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Page Break

Sometimes it's useful to insert some page break inside a Word document.
These tags support the break: <p>, <pre>, <div>, <span> and <body>.

You can either add the break before (page-break-before) or after (page-break-after) the tag.
Only the always attribute value is supported.
The 2 attributes can be on the same tag.

<div style="page-break-after:always">
    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,
    consectetur adipiscing elit.

Duis dictum leo quis ipsum tempor nec ultrices sapien elementum.

Page Orientation

It's possible to switch the orientation of a page to landscape. As this is not standard in Html, I create a new unofficial attribute: page-orientation.
For the time being, this attribute is limited to <body> and is apply on the main document. But in a future, we are working to apply it on <div> in order to switch only a single page.

<body style="page-orientation: landscape">
    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,
    consectetur adipiscing elit.

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