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You can easily add some footnotes to your document using standard Html tags <abbr> and <acronym>.
HtmlToOpenXml considers they are equals.

The <abbr title="World Health Organization">WHO</abbr> was founded in 1948.

in the document:

at the bottom of the page:

Link in foot notes

You can define simple link (does not work for text + link). The link can be: http(s), file, ftp(s), mailto or file share.
These are all valid (regardless <abbr>/<acronym>)

<abbr title="Organisation des nations unies">abbreviation NATO</abbr><br />
<abbr title=" ATO">abbreviation Link NATO</abbr><br />
<abbr title="file://C:\temp\NATO.html">abbreviation Link NATO</abbr><br />
<abbr title="\\server01\share\NATO.html">abbreviation Link NATO</abbr><br />

Document notes

you can replace the footnotes by a document notes using:

converter.AcronymPosition = AcronymPosition.DocumentEnd;


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