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Maintenance of Html to OpenXml Library

Sep 2, 2011 at 5:48 AM


First off, let me say how much I appreciate this library. I know the author does not get paid for maintaining the software, so providing it as open source is really generous.

That said, I'm having a few issues with the code. Is it possible to have a discussion with the author?

I know the source is available, but if I modify it myself, then I branch the source code and cannot take advantage of any future changes by the author. Are you interested in collaborating at all on this? If you'd consider that, how would you incorporate someone else's changes?

The problems I'm having are A) a null reference exception, which I described in another post, and B) I'm getting some documents that Word cannot load. Unfortunately, the message it gives me is useless (line 1, column 0). So I've been using the Open XML SDK 2.0 Productivity Tool for Microsoft Office to validate the file. However, this tool is reporting 100s of errors. It turns out that, while Word might not care what order child elements appear, the validator most certainly does. One might conclude from this that the file should therefore be left as is. However, in this case, I have no way to find what is preventing Word from loading being able to load the file.

So, again, I'm about to the point where I'd modify the source myself. But I hate branching away from the author may enhance at some point in the future.


Sep 5, 2011 at 12:15 PM


I'm the author of the library :)
I will answer and try to find a fix for each of your bug reports.

I appreciate the code patch you give and will incorporate it.
When I developed the library, there wa not Validator. I was working with the beta of SDK 2.0. I should take a serious look of that newer tool...